[LON-CAPA-dev] Question regarding LON-CAPA structure

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 12:53:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Donnell,

BTW, -dev is meant for develpment of the internals of lon-capa, -users
is meant for questions of using the system and creating/mainting

> However, on one of the .problems, I made a mistake and asked a different
> question than the answer I solved for.  Also, I hardcoded in a limit of
> 15 tries per problem.

No parameter is completely hardcoded. Anything in a .problem is just a
sugestion for that resource.

> I took the 8 .problems and made a .page
> And then I assigned .page.
> This is my question:
> Is there anyway to fix this?
> I've already extended the deadline, but is there anyway to increase the
> limit of 15 tries, 

Go to the .page, click on the PPRM button that is above the .problem
in question.

If you have parts to the problem you will want to click on the 'Show
all parts' check box and click 'Update Parameter Display'

Scroll down to the 'Maximum Number of Tries' row 

Click on the link in the last yellow/bron column. (The one for 'Any
User, in course, for Resource')

Change it to whatever you want.

> and perhaps even fix the .problem that kinda messed
> up?
> I tried to fix the .problem, and then republish it, but I suspect that
> when I made the .page it encapsulated the .problems into the .page 

What makes you suspect that? I can't think of any reason that that
would be true.

Unless you have done something odd (like putting version numbers in
the resource urls in the .page), or explictly done something in
DOCS to lock things to a specfic version, Lon-CAPA always uses the
latest version of a .problem when showing it.

> and I
> can't change the .page without losing all of the data that students have
> already put in.  Is this true?

You can modify the .page in certain ways. The information is stored to
a combination of the .page's URL and the .problem's URL and the
internal id number of the instance of that resource.

Thus you can add and remove resources without it affecting any of the
other resources in the .page.

But if you change what resource URL is associated with a specific
resource ID in a sequence then yes the data will no longer be
available for that particular resource.

ALso if you create a whole new .page and put that one in the course
and remove the previous one, then also it will look like the users
will need to start over.

(The data is still there, and if you restore the proper elments back
into the course, the students will have done things that they normally

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