[LON-CAPA-dev] Re: [LON-CAPA-users] Mac and JME

Jim Maxka lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 26 May 2005 13:27:23 -0700

Hi Guy -- Had to skip this one yesterday.  I know you are near the code 
lockdown.  We need to do some things with the <organicresponse>
Where is the best way to do this discussion.  On htis list or as a bug.
(1) organicresponse now requires answers in jme strings.  This is new 
and most of my questions still do not have answers.  Do we want to 
require that the question has answers before publishing.  If so, I am 
To undo your change, I check to see if there is an answer.  If not, I 
give a screen that says that you have to use the jme editor to see your 
last answer. The easiest way to fix this is to use a system that writes 
structures from smiles strings.  I have a lot of candidates for this, 
but I am not totally convinced of the best way to go.
(2)  There should be the same type of graphical analysis for the pgrade 
submissions.  Not many of the future users are going to be able to read 
smiles and they will not know what the hell the students are saying. We 
are going to have to do something here to adopt users.
(3) When there is more than one <organicresponse> on a page, the 
students complain that weird things happen.  I told you a year ago that 
their previous answers sometimes don't show up.  It is this case and 
when the system is overloaded, the previous answer string does not pass 
(4)  Students have asked for a button that lets them reload a previous 
answer.  The molecular editor is more tedious than other answer entries 
and is an issue. Scenario goes like this:  They have something close but 
not exact.  They go way off on the next try and then want to recover the 
previous structure, but have to start from scratch.
(5)  Here is a tough one.  Students complain that if they don't click 
submit, their answer disappears when they log out or their browser 
closes, because it is not written to LonCapa -- just a text field in the 
form.  This is really about having more than one <organicresponse> in 
the <problem>.  They solve one, but can't tell how to do the next one 
and don't want to submit, but then lose the first one.  I have looked at 
this, but it requires a whole new stored entry.
(6)  There is the functional group template function. The one you refer 
to as 


In the second course, the students really like it.
It works with windows, I don't know other OS.  We looked at it with Mac 
yesterday, but I didn't test whether it inserts.  It is not needed.  
Just a shortcut.

Please refer me to the most resonable process for these points.  --jim

Guy Albertelli II wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>>We are working on it here too.  This is where we are today:
>>JME opens in safari and IE not camino.
>>javascript is broken to different extents for each one.
>>For example opening Ertl's example with text boxes on the same page.  
>>javascript is completely broken in IE  -- doesn't even write to text box.
>>In safari and camino, Ertl' example page is good but we can't write back 
>>to the opener window.  So, doesn't work.
>Which example page are you playing with here?
>What version of Java are using for this?
>As far as I can tell all version up to and including Java 1.4.2_07
>don't work with either 
>(The drop down menu should insert objects into the Java applet)
>Or the Draw Molecule button for and <organicresponse>.
>Both of them fail in Safari with really odd Java (not Javascript)
>errors showing up in the Javascript (Not Java) error console.
>And can I once again shoot whom ever named it javascript?