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Stuart Peter Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 22 Jul 2005 13:53:04 -0400

Hi Robley, 

The currently active role you have selected should not make a difference to 
the results of a search. The determinant of whether searching is allowed is 
simply that the "Browse Resources" privilege applies to your currently 
selected role.  In the case of "no role" selected, the privileges that apply 
will be "cumulative" privileges.  In such a case if the role is an advanced 
role, then you will have the ability to browse resources, so you could carry 
out a search.  Note, however, that with no role selected the SRCH button 
does not appear, although the search page can be displayed by entering the 
URL: http://s10.lite.msu.edu/adm/searchcat 

Different numbers of results are being displayed for the same search (with 
no change in role) because in some instances the search utility does not 
appear to be checking the complete list of possible domains.  For example, 
for the simple search on the word "algebra" when logged into 
s10.lite.msu.edu, total numbers of results returned varied as follows: 

390 (search stops after domain fsuK12 and before domain msu)
954 (search stops after domain msul1 and before domain ohiou)
1400 (search stops after domain ohiou and before domain physnet)
1757 (search stops after domain physnet and before domain snt)
2675 search explores all domains. 

It appears that the search is stopping prematurely at different points as it 
progresses through the alphabetized list of domains in the cluster.  I will 
be examining the lonsearchcat.pm code to investigate this problem further. 

Stuart Raeburn
MSU LON-CAPA development/support 

rlight writes: 

> I get over 2000 when I'm in a course coordinator role, and a little over 900
> when in author role.  But I don't see a search button when I haven't chosen
> a role.  Is that a feature of 1.99? (I think ours is 1.3.3.)  But the
> question remains, why the difference? 
> Robley 
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>> Okay - I just duplicated that (simple search on "algebra") 
>> and got 383 matches. 
>> I was under my author role. 
>> As you state, I had about 4 show up in the first frame, but 
>> reload kicked that up. Even without reloading, I got a 
>> message at top showing the 383 matches. 
>> Previously, I got a message of 0 on other searches (as the 
>> message the top). 
>> With 'no role chosen' I got 2675. Can anyone give a quick 
>> explanation why the difference? (2675: no role vs 383: author role) 
>> Thanks,
>> Mark