[Lon-capa-dev] hosts.tab and Makefile

Scott Harrison harris41@msu.edu
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:54:13 -0500

Dear All:

Problem and Solution

We have three different hosts.tab

cp hosts.tab development_hosts.tab
edit Makefile to test for softlink to hosts.tab
rm hosts.tab
cvs delete hosts.tab
cvs add development_hosts.tab

When a user has not made a soft link,
he gets this:

[root@mycrow build]# make install
Testing hosts.tab
**** ERROR **** hosts.tab not defined!
You need to do one of the following within your CVS repository
   1) cd ../; ln -s production_hosts.tab hosts.tab
   2) cd ../; ln -s development_hosts.tab hosts.tab
or 3) cd ../; ln -s rawhide_hosts.tab hosts.tab
(you most likely want option #1, production_hosts.tab)
make: *** [TEST_hosts_tab] Error 1


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