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 <h2>Before you begin</h2>
-Installing Linux is getting easier and easier.
+Installing Linux is straightforward.
 You will be required to log in to the machine and execute
 some routine Unix commands.  Familiarity with the Apache web server, mod_perl,
 perl, and MySQL are not required to install and run LON-CAPA.
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
 <h2>1. <a name="obt">Obtain SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12</a></h2>
-SuSE ISO files can be obtained from the Novell site: <a href="http://www.novell.com/products/server/">http://www.novell.com/products/server/</a>.  Only DVD1 is required (DVD2 contains source rpms for the various packages).
+SLES12 ISO files can be obtained from the SuSE site: <a href="https://www.suse.com/download/sles/">https://www.suse.com/download/sles/</a>.  Download the SLE-12-SP5-Full-x86_64-GM-Media1.iso.
 <h2>2. <a name="net">Determine Network Settings</a></h2>
@@ -83,62 +83,77 @@
        include adequate swap space.  A minimum is 512 MB, but you should
        typically have 1 or 2x as much swap space as you do physical RAM.
-   <dt>Software Selection</dt>
-   <dd>
-   Installation of the minimum set of packages is recommended.  This will involve unchecking all checkboxes except for the base SLES installation.</dd>
-<p>Once you system has rebooted, you will use yast to complete the configuration. Change the following settings:
-<dl style="list-style:square outside none">
    <dt>Network Configuration</dt>
    <dd>LON-CAPA will <b>not</b> work with a machine set up to use a dynamic
        IP address.  When configuring your network card, you should include you static IP address, netmask, host name information (e.g., host name = tmp1, domain = lite.msu.edu), as well as name servers and gateway.
-   <dt>Online update</dt>
-   <dd>Indicate "Yes" when prompted to "run online update now?"</dd>
+   <dt>Available Extensions and Modules</dt>
+   <dd>Register the system with suse.com, and then check boxes for the following<ul>
+       <li>SuSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit</li>
+       <li>SUSE Package Hub</li>
+       </ul>
+   </dd>
+   <dt>System Role</dt>
+   <dd>Select: Default System</dd>
+   <dt>Software Selection</dt>
+   <dd>Customize by clicking "Software" on the Installation Settings screen
+       Uncheck the boxes for "GNOME Desktop Environment" and X Window System.<br />
+       Check the boxes for the following:<ul>
+       <li>Help and Support Documentation</li>
+       <li>Base System</li>
+       <li>AppArmor</li>
+       <li>Minimal System (Appliances)  
+       <li>YaST2 configuration packages</li>
+       </ul>
+   </dd>
+   <dt>Security</dt>
+   <dd>The following should be set on the Installation Settings screen:
+    <ul>
+     <li>Firewall will be enabled>/li>
+     <li>SSH service will be enabled</li>
+    </ul>
+    If you will need command line access other than via the console, click the link to toggle the setting for the SSH port so it will be open.
+  </dd>
-Finish installing your server, read the "readme", reboot and log in as root.
+Finish installing your server, reboot and log in as root.
-<h2>4. <a name="upd">Change software sources for your system</a></h2>
+<h2>4. <a name="upd">Add software sources for your system</a></h2>
-You will use yast to import packages required for LON-CAPA.<br>
+Use zypper to add package repositories for LON-CAPA and the statistics package: R.<br />
+zypper addrepo http://install.loncapa.org/suse/sles12/ 'LON-CAPA'
+zypper addrepo 'https://download.opensuse.org/reposit$ories/devel:/languages:/R:/released/SLE_12/' 'R-released SLE_12'
+zypper refresh
-Select "Change Source of Installation". The media you used to install SLES12 will be listed as an installation source. If you do not already have a SLES12 installation source at your location, you may want to consider creating one from the iso files you used to create .  Proceed as follows:</p>
+Verify the required repositories are enabled:
-mkdir -p sles12/DVD1
-mount -o ro,loop SLE-12-Server-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso /mnt
-cp -rv /mnt/* sles12/DVD1
-umount /mnt
+zypper lr -E
-<h3>Add an additional installation source</h3>
-Add the LON-CAPA SLES 12 repository as an additional installation source, so software installation in yast will have access to at least two repositories - a SuSE/Novell source (for packages included for the standard distribution) and the LON-CAPA repository (for extra packages needed to run LON-CAPA). For the LON-CAPA source you will use:
-<dl style="list-style:square outside none">
-<dd>Server Name</dd>
-<dd>Directory on server</dd>
-After saving this configuration information for the LON-CAPA repository, quit yast.
+The list of enabled repos should be as follows:
+<table style="border: 0px; border-collapse: collapse;">
+<tr><td>R-released SLE_12</td><td>R-released SLE_12</td></tr>
 <h2>5. <a name="ilc">Installing LON-CAPA</a></h2>
 <h3>Install prerequisites</h3>
 <p> Execute: </p>
-yast -i LONCAPA-prerequisites
+zypper in LONCAPA-prerequisites
 This may take some minutes due to LON-CAPA's large number of dependencies.

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