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-Course Coordinators and Instructors use PGRD to view submissions.  However, if you are using a custom role with permission to view grades, but not edit them, you will have to use the SUBM option instead.  Go to the problem and then click SUBM on the Remote Control or Inline Menu. The interface for viewing submissions is similar to the interface
-for grading using the option \\
-\underbar{Current Resource for all students in selected section or
-course}. (see section \ref{Grade_One})\\
-At the top of the Submissions Screen, choose the amount of detail that you would like to view. Then further down the page select which student(s) you want to see submissions for by checking the box to the left of the names. After making your selection, click the {[}Next{]} button.
+Course Coordinators, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants are able to edit grades. If course personnel are instead assigned a custom role which only includes permission to view grades, but not edit them, then the grading interface for display of submissions and current grades is similar to the interface for editing grades, except for the following:
+\item \textbf{Upload Scores}, \textbf{Process Clicker}, and \textbf{Grade/Manage/Review Bubblesheets}\\
+These items are absent from the Automated Grading panel in the top level grading menu page for a user with rights to view, but not edit grades.
+\item \textbf{Grading table} display and \textbf{Grade page/folder for one student} display\\
+\fbox{Save} button is grayed out for a user with rights to view, but not edit grades.
+\item \textbf{Send Messages} and \textbf{Grading Increments} display options\\
+For a user with rights to view, but not edit grades, after following the link (see section \ref{Grade_One}) \underbar{Select individual students to grade},
+these two items will be absent from the table used to choose the amount of grading detail to display.  Detailed grading information for each student will be missing the Send Message and Assign Grades boxes in this case.

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