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  - URLs for items in /res require domain. 
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diff -u loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Resource_Types.tex:1.8 loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Resource_Types.tex:1.9
--- loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Resource_Types.tex:1.8	Fri Aug 30 15:05:58 2013
+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Resource_Types.tex	Mon Sep  9 20:51:06 2013
@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@
 <startouttext />
 <link rel="stylesheet" index="11"
-href="/res/yourname/yourpath/testcss.css" type="text/css" />
+href="/res/yourdomain/yourusername/yourpath/testcss.css" type="text/css" />
 <span class="Yellow">After the Earth and Mars, which other body in our
 solar system is thought to be the next most likely site for finding
 life?</span><endouttext />
-<allow src="/res/yourname/yourpath/testcss.css" />
+<allow src="/res/yourdomain/yourusername/yourpath/testcss.css" />
 where testcss.css contains:
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
 For performance purposes it is best not to include too may resources in a
 .page (8 would be a good limit; and likely fewer if maxima or R are
-required for computation).  The course editor offers similar tool called 
+required for computation).  The Course Editor offers a similar tool called 
 a ``Composite page'' which resides within a course rather than in the published
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
 between the two is that for a .page in Authoring Space,  one of the
 Authoring Space editors (Simple Edit or Advanced Edit) will be used to
 modify the contents of the file, whereas for a Composite Page, the
-course editor is used.  
+Course Editor is used.  
 Options for reuse of a course Composite page are: (a) use cloning to copy
 everything from the old course to the new; (b) as course coordinator, 
@@ -128,14 +128,15 @@
 for  which a student's progress through a series of resources can be
 specified. Grading of conditional sequences can be complicated.
-\item A .rights file is used to specify custom access rights for a published
+\item A \textbf{.rights} file is used to specify custom access rights for a published
 resource. The access rights to apply to a specific resource are
 specified on publication (or republication) of the resource.  A .rights
 file also must be published to be selectable during resource publication
 as a ``Custom Distribution File'' when ``Customized right of use ...'' is selected from the
-``Copyright/Distribution'' dropdown list. See the section \ref{Publishing_Copyright}.
+``Copyright/Distribution'' dropdown list. See the ``Publishing A Resource'' section 
-\item A .sty is a LON-CAPA style file used to apply custom styling to specific
+\item A \textbf{.sty} is a LON-CAPA style file used to apply custom styling to specific
 tags in a LON-CAPA problem. The styles defined in the file can be applied to display of all
 resources in a course using:
@@ -170,13 +171,10 @@
-To use the .sty in a course, within the course, In PARM - ``Set Course Environment'' 
-you can specify a style file for your course under ``Default XML Style File''.
 When printing, LON-CAPA will use the tex \textbackslash section as 
-Note that .css is perhaps a more modern way to acheive formatting.
+Note that .css is perhaps a more modern way to achieve formatting.
 \item A \textbf{.task} task file is a bridge task file. Bridge tasks permit
 assessment using rubrics. See the Bridge Task section \ref{BridgeTask_About}.

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