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 <hr />6. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q6" />Who wrote this
-This code was originally written by a group of staff and graduate assistants
-at Michigan State University.  We are now receiving software contributions
-from several other universities.  The original technical design behind the
-project was constructed by Gerd Kortemeyer.
+The ultimate goal of LON-CAPA is to be a software initiative with a
+sense of ownership spanning the entire academic and freeware community.
+As such, LON-CAPA is progressing toward a piece of code that is not
+characterized by a set of individual authors or any measure of territoriality.
+To date, LON-CAPA has received code contributions from a growing
+number of academic institutions and freeware contributors.  LON-CAPA first
+originated at Michigan State University in 2000 based on a grant funded
+initiative, <i>Kortemeyer, et. al.</i>.
 <hr />7. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q7" />Where is this
 software being used?</font></font>