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  After 2 days of a discussion vacuum, a decision is now made to
  support FreeBSD 4.7.
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 computer and operating will this work on?</font></font>
 The operating system LON-CAPA runs on is the Linux operating
-system.  LON-CAPA relies on an Intel-based architecture.
+system (RedHat 7.3 is the supported linux distribution).
+LON-CAPA relies on an Intel-based architecture.  In order to
+move beyond this state of affairs, we are beginning to develop
+a BSD-based solution, as well as a set of diagnostic scripts
+which should verify LON-CAPA's performance on any computer platform.
 For full-time, classroom usage, an adequate LON-CAPA server
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 We like to think of high web server usage as "a good problem" though.. :)
 <hr />4a. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q4a" />Will this work on
-BSD Unix?</font></font>
+Active development has begun for supporting LON-CAPA on FreeBSD version 4.7.
 <hr />4b. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q4b" />Will this work on
 Mac OS X?</font></font>
+No.  Plans for Mac OS X involve waiting for completion of a FreeBSD version 4.7
+solution, as well as allowing Mac OS X more time to mature within the freeware
 <hr />4c. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q4c">Will this work on
 an old SPARC, Solaris, SGI, NeXT, or DEC machine that is collecting cobwebs in
 my university's technology center?</font></font>
+No.  The needs for predictable performance of a LON-CAPA system cause us
+to emphasize support on a restricted set of platforms.  We welcome developers
+who would like to create porting solutions, however based on our timeline,
+you are even more strongly encouraged to help develop the actual educational
+software technology seen by students and instructors.
 <hr />5. <font color="blue"><font size="+1"><a name="q5" />What does LON-CAPA
 stand for?</font></font>