[LON-CAPA-announce] LON-CAPA Workshop Reminder

Helen Keefe helen@lon-capa.org
Wed, 21 May 2003 15:49:17 -0400

Good Day!

It's not too late to register for the LON-CAPA Workshop!  The
registration date has been extended to May 30.  Stipends are available
to aid in your registration and traveling costs.  Please send your
registration information soon.

LON-CAPA Spring Training Workshops
June 5 through June 8 at
Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.

Specialized sessions will focus on the particular needs of new users,
system administrators, and experienced users.  The preliminary schedule
is below.

A workshop fee of $380** will cover costs of the workshops, continental
breakfasts and lunches for all three days, and dinner on Friday evening. 

**We have some funds available from our NSF ITR grant to support
stipends to aid with registration and travel costs.  To be eligible for
assistance, you must be an active CAPA or LON-CAPA user, and plan to run
courses on either system in the Fall at your institution.  Please let us
know whether you would like to be considered for such support.

Please make your own flight arrangements with your preferred carrier to
the Lansing, Michigan airport.

Lodging will be provided by the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center that
is located on campus.  We have arranged prices of $99/night plus taxes. 
Helen has reserved a number of rooms.  Please contact
her(helen@lon-capa.org) to reserve your accommodations.


The hotel is located at:
Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center 
South Harrison Rd.
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1022

The workshop will be held on the MSU campus.  Locations will be
indicated on the finalized schedule.

Shuttle service will be provided to and from the hotel and the airport. 
You will need to send your flight information to helen@lon-capa.org to
ensure pickup at the airport.

To aid in planning, please fill out the registration and email to helen@lon-capa.org



Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

_____  I will come to the LON-CAPA Spring Workshop

Th __   Fri ___   Sat ___   Sun ___

Please note that Th and Sun are optional.

I need assistance with registration fees  ____          amount: $______
I need assistance with travel expenses  ____           amount: $______


Workshop Schedule

June 5, 2003 Thursday (pre-workshop, optional)

9:00 am         Introduction to LON-CAPA  
10:00                   Break 
10:15             Beginners Workshop
12:30 pm             Lunch
1:30              Course Coordinator Workshop
3:30                     Break

3:45   Concurrent Sessions

Intended for                                    Intended for System     
           Intended for
 new users                                       Administrators         
               current users

  Beginning Author                        Installation and              
                                                        of LON-CAPA

5:45            End of Day 1 Activities

June 6, 2003 Friday

9:00am          LON-CAPA as a tool for collaborations among faculty

10:00 Concurrent Sessions

Intended for

  Intended for new users                  current users
  Feature review/CAPA comparison            Feature review
  Problem conversion                              Q & A
  Q & A

11:00                   Break
11:15                   "Show and Tell" Faculty Presentations using CAPA
and/or LON-CAPA (15-minute sessions)
1:00 pm                 Lunch
1:45                    Guided Work-time and Demonstrations
4:00                    Discussion Groups and Collaborations
5:00                    End of Day 2 Activities
6:30            Casual Dinner 

June 7, 2003 Saturday (Intended for all users)

9:00 am         Course Structure Overview
10:30                   Break
10:45           Exams Overview
12:30 pm                Lunch
1:30                    Spreadsheet and Statistics Overview
3:15                    Break
3:30                    Advanced Authoring
5:30                    End of Day 3 Activities

June 8, 2003 Sunday (post-workshop, optional)
Work sessions available by prior arrangement