[LON-CAPA-admin] Sudden Not open to be viewed

Bynum, Lee Hamilton leebynum at illinois.edu
Fri Mar 17 12:07:49 EDT 2017

Hello Everyone,

We've recently experienced a number of students encountering "Not open to be viewed  The problem will be open on an known date" in assignments and quizzes that they are currently working on.  This appears to be a student by student issue as entire courses are not reporting the problem, although it is across multiple courses and access servers.

The issue appears to resolve after around ten minutes, although it is difficult to tell as some students didn't keep trying to access the resource.  This leads me to think something may be amiss with memcached.  Unfortunately I have not gotten to an instance of this problem within the ten minute window. 

The behavior was first observed on Sunday, the first day of daylight savings, but our admins report nothing irregular regarding the system clocks.  A restart of the servers did not resolve this issue either.  We'd hoped the restart would have cleared any bad cache in memcached.

I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary in the logs, but I could be missing something.  Has anyone encountered this before?  Any and all suggestions as to troubleshooting and where to check are most welcome.



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