[LON-CAPA-admin] Invalid Authentication Type

Bynum, Lee Hamilton leebynum at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 21 15:58:01 EST 2016


I am seeing some odd errors in autoenroll.log associated with students that weren't added to courses they are supposed to be enrolled in:

An invalid authentication type was provided for the new user - <USERID>, so the user was not enrolled in the course.
An error occurred adding the new user <USERID> because the authcheck failed for authtype  and parameter . The authcheck response was invalid.

The problem resolves itself when the students are manually enrolled.  Afterwards, the following is placed in the autoenroll.log file:

Authentication type mismatch for <USERID> - 'localauth' in system, '' based on information in classlist or default for this course.
User information updated for user: <USERID>prior to enrollment.
Existing user <USERID> detected in institutional classlist - switched from 'manual' to 'auto' enrollment in section <SECTIONNUM>. Access starts: immediately, ends: Sat May 14 05:00:00 pm 2016 (CDT).
Existing uiuc user <USERID> enrolled successfully.

It seems to me as though something has changed regarding authentication of new students.  Specifically, I am failing to get an authtype or parameter associated with the user.  We recently updated some things regarding Shibboleth, which may be the culprit.  Before I get too far down the murky path of authentication protocols, I wanted to see if those log entries ring any bells for the rest of you.



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