[LON-CAPA-admin] FW: Crosslisting Courses

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Jan 19 20:22:33 EST 2016


Looking at the LON-CAPA course catalog for official courses for Spring  
2016 for the vcu domain ( /adm/coursecatalog ) I see a course code:  
BIOL-205-2016Spring (which has associated sections 001 through 016)  
with a crosslisting of BIOL-496-2016Spring.

The crosslisting needs to include the section number, i.e., if you  
were crosslisting section 001 of BIOL-496-2016Spring, the crosslisting  
entry would need to be BIOL-496-2016Spring001 (i.e., it needs to be an  
institutional course section code, and not simply an institutional  
course code).

By extension, if you need to crosslist all sections of  
BIOL-496-2016Spring, you would need to include a separate crosslist  
item for each section, i.e., BIOL-496-2016Spring001,  
BIOL-496-2016Spring002, BIOL-496-2016Spring003 etc.

If you create your courses one at a time, as a Domain Coordinator via  
the "Create a single course" web form, then in the the crosslistings  
textbox you will enter a comma separated list of course sections  
crosslisted with the current course, with each entry including the  
institutional course section name followed by a colon and then the  
(optional) section ID to be used in LON-CAPA, e.g.,  

To change crosslistings after a course has been created, assume an "ad  
hoc"  Course Coordinator role and use:

People > Users > Automated Enrollment > Change crosslistings

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting JaBari A Scott <jascott at vcu.edu>:

> Good Morning All:
> It seems that either a configuration has changed or something is amiss in
> my head.  I am trying to crosslist a section from one course into another
> course.  The roster for the course to be crosslisted into the bigger course
> has been created, but the students haven?t loaded automatically and they
> won?t with a manual update either.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
> Thanks!
> JaBari A. Scott
> Applications Analyst, Learning Systems
> Technology Services
> Virginia Commonwealth University
> jascott at vcu.edu | (804) 828-7310

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