[LON-CAPA-admin] Java Applet fails because of permissions

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Mon Mar 9 13:39:46 EDT 2015


> That formula editor sounds great!
> Any chance it might be patched into 2.11?

The inline math previewer will be included in 2.11.1 for  
formularesponse and mathresponse submissions.

The minimum browser version requirements for the inline math previewer are:
Safari 5.0, Chrome 5.0, Firefox 4.0, IE 9.0, Opera 12.0

There is a domain configuration to specify which of (a) the inline  
math previewer or (b) the DragMath pop-up will be used (the default is  
the javascript-based math previewer).  Course Coordinators can also  
override this domain default in a particular course, via Course  

Note: neither the inline previewer nor the link/icon to pop open a  
DragMath window will be displayed if the turnoffeditor parameter has  
been set to "Yes".

If the version requirement is not met by a student's web browser then  
the Java-based DragMath pop-up will be provided instead (unless  
turnoffeditor has been set to "Yes").

Note: a different DragMath pop-up will continue to be available in  
2.11.1 in the "EditXML" content editing mode in Authoring Space, for  
use as a formula editor for creating and inserting math expressions  
within <m></m> tags.

The manifest for the DragMath.jar file included in 2.11.1 has  
attributes for: Application-Name, Permissions, and Codebase, and the  
jar file itself has also been signed with a code-signing certificate  
(expires Jan 5, 2018) issued to me at Michigan State University by  
InCommon ( https://www.incommon.org/ ).

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Raymond Batchelor <batchelo at sfu.ca>:

> That formula editor sounds great!
> Any chance it might be patched into 2.11?
> If not, I wonder what the timeline is looking like for 2.12?
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> This is a scam to make us buy certificates. But even if we did, there
> would still be recently added compatibility problems and security alerts
> in web browsers. All Java applets should be converted to Javascript
> applications. I wrote a new formula editor in Javascript for LON-CAPA 3,
> ant it is being backported to 2.12 so that you won't have to wait for
> too long. LON-CAPA authors should also try to find alternatives to Java
> applets they are using in the content.
> Damien
>> Hello all together again,
>> ich have another question on LON-CAPA 2.11.0 regarding the formula
>> editor the user gets when clicking on the small pencil-icon right to the
>> answer-box where a formula is required as correct answer:
>> I got a request, the editor does not start correctly. I verified that by
>> klicking the icon described above and got a "blocked by security
>> settings"-Error in Java (using actual Firefox on patched Windows, actual
>> Java RE). The error ist described on
>> https://www.java.com/en/download/help/java_blocked.xml and the third
>> characteristic occurs ("Missing required Permissions manifest attribute
>> in main jar"). The described workarounds (see my link) are functional
>> but not the favored solution as not all users realize what they are doing.
>> As the cause of the error for me seems to be the missing "permissions"
>> attribute in MainApplet.java which I associate is part of and maintained
>> by LON-CAPA (is it?), I hereby communicate the problem hoping for a
>> solution in a coming relase - is this possible? If you need more
>> information on that issue, just send me an email :)!
>> Greetins from germany
>> Martin Diedrich
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