[LON-CAPA-admin] Course Editor: Map not loaded error

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Thu Nov 13 21:21:12 EST 2014


> "Map not loaded: The file does not exist."

That error message originates in the loadmap() routine in  
/home/httpd/lib/perl/LONCAPA/map.pm and will be displayed if no  
content is retrieved from the sequence file for the particular folder.

Were you were seeing this error in a session on VCU's LON-CAPA library  
server: loncapa2.vcu.edu or one of the four VCU access servers? Is  
this problem in your CHEM 350 (Fall 2014) course or in your CHEM 303  
(Fall 2014) course?  Which folder was the Course Editor attempting to  

The LON-CAPA version in use at VCU is 2.10.1.  In that LON-CAPA  
version the last folder you displayed in the Course Editor is  
recorded, so that when you next access the Course Editor, the editor  
will (by default) display the last viewed folder.

Your system administrator should likely check on the filesystem on  
loncapa2.vcu.edu to see whether the requested sequence file actually  
exists, and if so, what is currently within the file.

e.g., in the directory:


for CHEM-350-2014Fall

or in:


for CHEM-303-2014Fall

The top level folder is default.sequence, lower level folders will  
have filenames like: default_<timestamp-like string of digits>.sequence
where <timestamp-like string of digits> is a string of digits (e.g.,  

You can see what the "timestamp-like string of digits" is for a  
particular folder, by viewing the Course Contents page, opening all  
folders and moving your mouse pointer over the folder icon for the  
particular folder.  The corresponding link (shown in the browser's  
status bar) will contain a "jump=" attribute pointing at the URL of  
the sequence file (from which you can extract the filename:  
default_<string of digits>.sequence).

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Sally S Hunnicutt <sshunnic at vcu.edu>:

> Hello,
> When I open the Course Editor in one of my courses, I get the following:
> "Map not loaded: The file does not exist."
> The course contents look the same, but I cannot upload course content, add
> folders, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sally Hunnicutt

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