[LON-CAPA-admin] ports for library/access server

Moore, Nathan T NMoore at winona.edu
Thu Sep 5 09:32:00 EDT 2013

Apologies if this is a common question.

I am setting up a lon-capa library and access server.  From the
documentation, it looks like the necessary ports to be part of the network

80, 8080, 5663, 22, 25

1. Do both library and access servers need to have all of these ports open?

2. Can any of these ports be restricted to a subset of IP's, e.g. Only
computers from within my institution, or only other library servers?  My
IT department is nervous about opening these ports to the whole world and
would like to restrict them, if possible.


Nathan Moore

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Dr. Nathan Moore
Physics, Winona State University
Winona, MN
nmoore at winona.edu

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