[LON-CAPA-admin] Need a way to change all student IDs in our database

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Thu Jul 25 15:37:06 EDT 2013


> I have looked at some individual user directories to see where the
> offending IDs might appear,

As discussed in an earlier post I made to the lon-capa-users mailing  
list, see:

> Within LON-CAPA IDs are stored in:
> (a) the environment.db file for each user
> (b) the classlist.db file for each course
> (c) the ids.db file for each library server in the domain
> (d) the allusers table in the loncapa database in MySQL.

The allusers table is completely rebuilt three times weekly by this  
entry in /etc/cron.d/loncapa

10 1 * * 2,4,6    www    /home/httpd/perl/searchcat.pl

If you take a look at the code in searchcat.pl you will see that the  
entries written to the allusers table are read from each user's  
environment.db GDBM file, which is considered the authoritative source  
of username => ID mapping.

By following my earlier advice  
(http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-admin/2013-July/002710.html) you  
would have replaced the old IDs with the new IDs in the four locations  
-- (a) through (d) which I itemize above.

However, as you will have seen any old IDs in a domain's ids.db are  
not removed by this process, although the new IDs would have been  
written to the file.

The reason why the key => value pairs for the old IDs remain is that  
the original implementation of ids.db in lonnet.pm rev 1.70 (November  
2000) -- devised as a quick look-up of the username, given a  
student/employee ID -- included a routine to add new key => value  
pairs, or overwrite the value for an existing key (&idput subroutine  
in /home/httpd/lib/perl/Apache) but did not provide a mechanism to  
delete a specific key.

The presence of old id => username pairs in ids.db does not impact the  
operation of LON-CAPA, because typically look-up is being done based  
on a student's current ID, in the three situation where ids.db is  
consulted, and the CSV upload mechanism included in my previous post  
to this list will have taken care of adding ID => username records for  
the new student IDs.

In your specific case ...

> For security reasons we must replace the student/employee ID for all  
> of the existing student records in our LonCapa database

the presence of old IDs could be an issue, if the requirement is to  
remove all trace of the old student/employee IDs from your LON-CAPA  

Anyway, I have now added the necessary routines to handle deletion of  
unwanted keys from ids.db. The student/employee ID in a user's  
environment.db file is considered definitive.  One aspect to be aware  
of is that IDs in ids.db are always lower-cased.

Checking for unwanted keys in ids.db (and their removal) will be  
performed every other day by searchcat.pl (run as a cron process).

These changes will be included in the forthcoming LON-CAPA 2.11.0 release.

If you do not wish to wait for that I can send you a script (offlist)  
which you can use to remove the unwanted keys from  

The one other location where you may find the old IDs is within  
classlist.db files for courses with expired student roles.

Note: the procedure described in my previous reply to you --  
http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-admin/2013-July/002710.html --  
will have updated old IDs in classlist.db files for courses where a  
student's role was either currently active or would be active in the  

> Can I make changes to these files (most notably the .db files) without
> crashing LonCapa?  What would be the best way to do that?

I can provide a script (offline) which you can run from the command  
line to modify the ids.db file, and also any classlist.db files  
containing old IDs.  However, in general I would only recommend  
modifying LON-CAPA .db files using scripts provided as part of the  
standard LON-CAPA installation, or via the LON-CAPA web GUI.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Jeffrey Wilson <jwilson at sc.edu>:

> Hi Stuart,
> Just some more info and more questions.
> I have looked at some individual user directories to see where the
> offending IDs might appear, for example in
> /home/httpd/lonUsers/sc/w/i/l/wilsonteststudent I find:
> activity.log
> email_status.db
> email_status.db.lock
> email_status.db.old
> email_status.hist
> environment.db
> environment.db.lock
> environment.db.old
> environment.hist
> nohist_accesscount.db
> nohist_accesscount.db.lock
> nohist_accesscount.db.old
> nohist_calculatedsheets_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db
> nohist_calculatedsheets_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db.lock
> nohist_calculatedsheets_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db.old
> nohist_resevaldata.db
> nohist_resevaldata.db.lock
> nohist_resevaldata.db.old
> nohist_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2_discuss.db
> nohist_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2_discuss.db.lock
> nohist_sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2_discuss.db.old
> passwd
> roles.db
> roles.db.lock
> roles.db.old
> roles.hist
> sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db
> sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db.lock
> sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.db.old
> sc_4m8323115285b4c74sca2.hist
> I can see ID information in the environment files.  I don't see IDs
> anywhere else.
> Can I make changes to these files (most notably the .db files) without
> crashing LonCapa?  What would be the best way to do that?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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