[LON-CAPA-admin] server load

James Clawson clawsonj at mailbox.sc.edu
Fri Oct 26 09:50:04 EDT 2012

On our log in screen there is a bit of information

Domain: sc
Server: sca1 (access)
Server Load: 52.5%
User Load:  0.00%

What do the "loads" actually measure.
Why would the server load be so high on this machine (when the user load 
seems to be 0%)?  I have seen in up in the 80% range before

Our other access server does not show this at the same time.  The 
library server shows 9.5% server load @ 0% user load.

Just trying to get a fix on some quick and dirty diagnostics.


James Clawson, Jr.
Laboratory Manager
University of South Carolina
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Jones PSC Room 402D

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