[LON-CAPA-admin] Batch creation

Neubauer, Paul pneubauer at bsu.edu
Tue Jun 26 10:47:21 EDT 2012

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the help on the Remote Control question.

(Note, I am primarily the sysadmin for the box, and can log in as the domain controller, but I am not really a primary "user" of lon-capa.)

I was asking about the Remote Control because I have been trying to figure out what the XML element are for the batch creation document.  I was looking at https://s3.lite.msu.edu/adm/help/Batch_Creation.hlp#Batch_Creation where it says "For format of other parameters, refer to the interactive CCRS page and view how the equivalent parameter is displayed in the web form."  The docs for the "CCRS page" said to use the remote. It still is not quite clear where I go from there, but having chosen "Course/Community Creation" and then "Create a single course", I get a page http://lon-capa.bsu.edu/adm/createcourse?phase=courseone that does not seem to have all the same information as the XML file. 

I can't find createcourse in /home/httpd/html/adm/ (or anywhere else for that matter) where is it really? What kind of file is it? Perl? I can read that. If it's compiled Java that might be trickier. But I can't read it if I can't find it. I've tried 

find / -name createcourse

But that has produced no results. I'm stuck for now with no idea where the page source lives. If someone can point me to that, some of my questions below may become moot.

In particular, I don't see anything about owner, or users. Are the owner and users specified on later pages in the creation process? (I don't want to create a course accidentally.) Why does the example have multiple users? What is "<generation>"? Is it things like "Jr", "III", "IV", etc? What is the <studentID>?  Will that correspond to our regular student ID numbers? Is it used internally in lon-capa? For what?  How about "<roles>"? One of the example users has a role with id "in". What does that mean? What other roles might go there? What are the start and end dates within <user> <role>? What other role id's are possible? What is <usec>?

Sorry for just tossing out a lot of questions. I would be more than happy to just get a pointer to the answers rather than having my hand held all the way through each one.

I'm afraid that I'm going to have more questions soon, though. :-(


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