[LON-CAPA-admin] Remote control

Neubauer, Paul pneubauer at bsu.edu
Fri Jun 22 13:15:26 EDT 2012

Hi All,
This is probably a stupid question, but you know what they always say about stupid questions.
I (mis?)understand that a user ought to get either the remote control or a drop-down menu mode interface to lon-capa.
When I log in as the domain coordinator, I used to get the remote control, but I don't anymore and I don't see any drop-down menus either.  
How do I get the remote control back if there is no "Launch Remote Control" button? I would imagine that there is probably some data kept somewhere, but it's not clear where. I looked in /home/httpd/lonUsers/bsu/b/s/u/bsudc and something like environment.db seems like a logical choice, but I can't read anything from that. What would happen if I were to delete it?


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