[LON-CAPA-admin] autoenroll questions

Neubauer, Paul pneubauer at bsu.edu
Wed Aug 22 14:28:14 EDT 2012

Thanks, Stuart,

> The most likely explanation is that the course configurations for
> these two courses do not currently include mappings for:
> ... 
> (the mappings are included in a comma separated list of institutional
> section numbers, each separated by a colon from the (optional)
> corresponding section ID to be used in LON-CAPA e.g., 001:001,002:002)

So, if they only have the institutional id's and the section information only shows
then nothing works. OK. I can fix that.

> If you have included dates in the <startdate> and/or <enddate>
> entries, the documentation in localenroll-std.pm suggests that you
> will need to modify the date format when you create your
> bsu_*_*_classlist.xml file, as follows ...
> >> If dates are to be included in the XML file, they should be in the format
> >> YYYY:MM:DD:HH:MM:SS (: separators required).
> However, my general advice would be to leave the <startdate> and
> <enddate> entries blank, so that the course coordinator can configure
> the default access dates for students in the course.
> Cases where you might want specific dates in the bsu_*_*_classlist.xml
> are: (a) if a course has multiple sections, and start and/or end dates
> for access should be different for the different sections, or (b)
> different students need to be granted different start and/or end dates
> for access.

That is the situation in some of the classes. Some of the students are taking classes on line and have individual start dates and end dates that are, e.g., 9 months from the start date.  Evidently I messed up on the format. I thought I had checked that, but the format in the files looked unexpected and is certainly not what you listed above. I'll have to fix that. Then we can see what shows up.

Thanks yet again!

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