[LON-CAPA-admin] domain coordinator cannot log in on new system

Neubauer, Paul pneubauer at bsu.edu
Thu Aug 9 14:42:43 EDT 2012

Thanks, Stuart,

Regarding 1) I won't forget that.

Regarding 2) I'm not sure knowing that would have helped me. :-) loncapa_install.log does have:
Compiling pwauth
Apparent success compiling pwauth:
gcc -g    -c -o pwauth.o pwauth.c
gcc -o pwauth -g  pwauth.o -lcrypt
Copying pwauth to  /usr/local/sbin
'pwauth' copied successfully

But I'm not sure I would have thought that this was an obvious pointer to editing /home/httpd/lonUsers/bsu/b/s/u/bsudc/passwd :-/

Anyway, thanks! I think (or at least hope) that I'm back on the path toward getting this system to do what I need it to do.


> Two additional comments:
> 1. Once you have enabled Shibboleth authentication you will need to use:
> http://lon-capa-test.bsu.edu/adm/login
> as the URL you use for log-in for non-Shibboleth users, such as bsudc.
> 2. A complete history of actions taken (and their outcomes) when using
> install.pl to prepare a system for use with LON-CAPA is available in
> /some_path/installation/loncapa_install.log
> where /some_path/ is typically /root/.

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