[LON-CAPA-admin] Can this be done in LON-CAPA?

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Thu Jan 20 08:37:13 EST 2011


One of my colleagues in a different department has an unusual request. He's
looking for something that can do what will be described below. He's curious about
whether LON-CAPA can do this. My first reaction is  -  no. But I'm curious if anyone has
ideas as to how this, or something close to it,  could implemented using LC.
The other question is whether anyone has run into testing software that can do something
like this.

Here's the request:

"I'm looking for something that will programmatically draw data from a database and allow the drills/quizzes to be shaped via templates that would be easily and quickly designed."

"Imagine a database of for an ornithology class. Each record is a bird.  Fields include <common name>, <scientific name> <male (image)> <female (image)> <Mating call (audio)> <Alarm call (audio)> and maybe fields like <Present in Unit #>."

"A course designer (as opposed to programmer) could build a variety of templates:  show common name, quiz on and validate against scientific name;  play alarm call, quiz on and validate against male and female images.  Then the instructor could pick a template and a range of data (e.g., <Present in Unit #> ≤ 4, and the program would automatically drill the student on all records fitting those criteria."

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