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James Mueller mueller at pitt.edu
Wed Jan 19 11:23:43 EST 2011

	Last night, the problem was a the level of even accessing the "What's New" page when I first log in as course coordinator.  Another faculty member was having problems accessing problems in his own author area.  A lot of times I have problems loading the course content or edit course page.  In that case, usually I get part of the page loaded and then it stops.  Reloading the page a number of times eventually gets me everything.

	Things were very sluggish last night.  This morning everything is fine.  It could be that the various restarts that happen in the early morning fixed whatever problem there was.  It could be that there were a lot of students on the system, but the reported load was only a few percent.  Perhaps it's an intermittent network issue.


On Jan 19, 2011, at 8:16 AM, Mark Lucas wrote:

> What kind of pages does this tend to happen on? Do they tend to be accessing resources from
> machines other than your library server?
> Mark
> On Jan 18, 2011, at 10:44 PM, James Mueller wrote:
>> I have been noticing a problem with our servers, and wonder if anyone has any suggestions.  Sometimes, when I log into loncapa, the page loading is VERY slow.  Sometimes part of a page is loaded and then Firefox just starts saying "transferring data from...", but nothing else ever comes up.  Sometimes nothing gets transferred before it stops loading anything.  Sometimes, if I stop the page loading and then reload the page, it responds quickly, other times it hangs again.  It can get frustrating to keep hitting reload, hoping that this time it will work.  The servers are running loncapa 2.9.1 on SLC5.  Since the problem seems to be intermittent, it is hard to track down.  Any ideas of what we can look for?
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