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Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Fri Jun 18 07:09:44 EDT 2010


On Jun 17, 2010, at 11:37 PM, Stuart Raeburn wrote:

> Mark,
> Some things to check:
> 1. Is there an entry for /home/httpd/perl/refresh_courseids_db.pl in /etc/cron.d/loncapa on the library server?
> 2. What does ls -al /home/httpd/lonUsers/ohiou/nohist_courseids.db on the library server report as the last update for this file?
.db June 18, lock and old files June 12

> 3. What is reported by:
> /home/httpd/perl/debug/dump_db.pl -u nohist_courseids.db
> for the owner key for each of the pre-2007 courses which are reported as "No cloning for lucas:ohiou"?
Looking at a string of TA orientation courses:
All courses seem to be owned by me. Some courses (older) are listed as a single line, colon separated, in the dump.
Newer courses are listed as a record:

ohiou_219354186a7f44476oucapa2 = TA Orientation Fall 2006::lucas:ohiou:Course:11

ohiou_1v298166f2c984a68oucapa2 = $VAR1 = {
          'owner' => 'lucas:ohiou',
          'type' => 'Course',
          'description' => 'TA Orientation Fall 2009',
          'inst_code' => ''

ohiou_415919d76334171oucapa2 = TA Orientation Fall 2004::lucas:1125627177

Note that the 2004 course does not list the domain.
The 2006 course does, but possibly because I re-added myself as a course coordinator last night.

When I re-added myself as CC, I was then allowed to select the course.

Looking through, though, all the files for the professor in question have ohiou in addition to the username

> 4. If, as DC, you select each of these courses using /adm/modifycourse  and use
> "View/Modify course owner, institutional code, and default authentication" who is listed as the owner?
Courses before 2006 for TA orientation do not list an owner, but that may be because I revoked my role as CC

All but one of the courses in question for Professor X has the professor listed as Owner.

I need to run off to an all-day meeting. I'll check in when I can.

> Stuart Raeburn
> MSU LON-CAPA group
> Quoting Mark Lucas <lucasm at ohio.edu>:
>> Hi,
>> We're looking to clone courses for Summer under 2.9.0.
>> When I do a search of courses owned by lucas, it comes up with a  list - part of which
>> (but not all) "No cloning for lucas:ohiou"
>> Many of these "unclonables" are older (earlier than 2007).
>> Any clue what the deal is?
>> Mark
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>> Mark Lucas
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