[LON-CAPA-admin] ldap authentication

Lars Jensen ljensen at mail.tmcc.edu
Mon Jun 7 23:47:48 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

For anyone playing around with this ldap authentication stuff and in
the need of deleting an account completely, it is necessary, as Stuart
told me, to clear the Apache child processes because existing user
info may be stored there too. So to be sure a user is completely
erased from lon-capa,

(i) delete the users directory under lonUsers
(ii) kill all the apache child processes (e.g. restart apache)


On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 12:16 PM, Lars Jensen <ljensen at mail.tmcc.edu> wrote:
> Hi Hon-Kie
> Thanks for the reply,
> On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 4:59 AM, hkng <hkng at fsu.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>> My 2 cents.
>> When loncapa creates a user, it also writes it to the database called
>> loncapa in a table called allusers running under mysql. To view the user (if
>> you have terminal access).
>> 1. mysql -u www -p loncapa
>>     (mysql will prompt for a password which can be found in
>> /etc/httpd/conf/loncapa_apache.conf in the line
>>     PerlSetVar       lonSqlAccess   <passwordentry>
>>     where passwordentry is the entry for the password.
>> 2. When you have successfully logged in into mysql, type
>>    select * from allusers where username="lars_jensen";
>>    mysql should spit out the table contents of the username.
>> 3. Now, this I am not sure whether deleting the username will do any good or
>> the thing to do. (The experts can comment on this.)
>>    delete from allusers where username="lars_jensen";
> After deleting this database entry (and the user directory under
> lonUsers), lon-capa still thinks the user is "existing" so this didn't
> solve the problem....
> However I now think that loncapa might run a clean-up job overnight
> that removes the account info because this morning when I logged in
> and clicked  the "Create LON-CAPA Account" button, there were no
> errors, and the account, including the directory under lonUsers were
> created correctly. So perhaps my setup is correct after all?
> Stuart, can you confirm that such a job runs nightly? If so, is there
> a way to make it run more often (every 10 minutes or so) while I'm
> doing testing of account creation?
> Thanks,
> Lars.

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