[LON-CAPA-admin] Lost symbols after upgrade to 2.9

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Jul 7 12:18:31 EDT 2010


A change was made for LON-CAPA 2.9 to enforce character encoding of  
UTF-8 for all browsers, but sadly browser detection was not updated  
for Internet Explorer to appropriately set the browser.unicode  
environment variable.

As a result when TTH was rendering tex to HTML (as it does for text  
within <chem></chem> tags and text in the left column in the symbols  
help page) there was an inconsistency between the charset included in  
the web page's meta tag and the target for which TTH was generating  
HTML behind the scenes.

There are two ways to address this.


(a) Modify line 1455 in /etc/httpd/conf/loncapa_apache.conf

In that line replace this string:





(b) Leave /etc/httpd/conf/loncapa_apache.conf unchanged and instead  
modify lines 301 - 304 in /home/httpd/lib/perl/Apache/lonlocal.pm

by removing the # at the start of each line which comments out the  
line, so the code will revert to its pre-2.9.0 state.


     #    if ($Apache::lonnet::env{'browser.os'} eq 'win' &&
     #      $Apache::lonnet::env{'browser.type'} eq 'explorer') {
     #        $default='ISO-8859-1';
     #    }


           if ($Apache::lonnet::env{'browser.os'} eq 'win' &&
             $Apache::lonnet::env{'browser.type'} eq 'explorer') {

Regardless of whether you adopt (a) or (b) you will need to reload the  
Apache web server after you make the change:

/etc/init.d/httpd reload

Stuart Raeburn

Quoting Bob Gonzales <rgonzal at binghamton.edu>:

> The upgrade to 2.9 has been pretty pain less.  Thanks!
> I do have one problem that is browser related that I haven't been
able to
> figure out.  We use the <chem></chem> tags a lot and I code the
right arrow
> in the <chem></chem> just using the 2 characters - and > to get
->.  This
> worked fine until the upgrade.  Now, in Firefox, I still get the
right arrow
> but in IE (7 or 8) I get a ?.  I noticed a lot of ?'s for symbols
in the
> table you get when you click on 'other symbols' when editing a
> The default code page being used in both my IE and my Firefox is
> Thanks,
> Bob Gonzales
> Binghamton University
> Chemistry Dept
> 4400 Vestal Parkway East
> Binghamton, NY  13902
> (607)777-2698
> rgonzal at binghamton.edu
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