[LON-CAPA-admin] Latest version of resource not seen on access server

Craig Wiegert wiegert at physast.uga.edu
Tue Aug 24 02:46:54 EDT 2010


After upgrading to LON-CAPA 2.9.0, I've noticed that changes made to
existing resources on our library server aren't showing up on the
access server; the cache remains stale.  I can force an update by
manually deleting the cached copy.  

It seems that update notifications aren't being sent.  For example, the
"Cleanup phase: Notifications" line is missing from the resource's
logfile.  I *think* this may be because our servers are still
(shamefully) running RHEL 4 / Apache 1.x, and lonpublisher in 2.9.0
looks like it requires some mod_perl2 calls.

I've tried fixing the problem by re-inserting the mod_perl1 handler code
from lonpublisher 2.8.1.  This gets "Cleanup phase" back into the log
files, but the resource changes still don't seem to be propagating to
the access server.

Any suggestions for a fix, besides harassing our IT guys to get moving
on their promised switch to CentOS?


  - Craig

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