[LON-CAPA-admin] Auto-enrollment

Michael Dugdale michael.dugdale at johnabbott.qc.ca
Tue Sep 23 13:08:22 EDT 2008


I'm currently setting up a LON-CAPA installation at John Abbott  
College in Montreal, Quebec.  I'm currently trying to convince the  
powers-that-be here that using the autoenrollment feature would be a  
good idea.

While I think my technical arguments have been sound, they can seem a  
bit dry.  I would like to add a section to my proposal called "Well,  
all the cool schools are doing it..." to drive home the point that  
this isn't a radical idea.

So I was just wondering, how many institutions are using auto- 
enrolment for LON-CAPA?

Many thanks for your time,

Michael Dugdale
Department of Physics
John Abbott College
Ste. Anne de Bellevue,
Québec, Canada

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