[LON-CAPA-admin] Authoring namespace on multidomain system

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Mon Nov 10 14:32:41 EST 2008


I've just had one of those "oh, shoot" moments where I've been
forgetting about one of the limitations of multi-domain servers.

I set up a user qvhsphysics under the ohiouk12 domain on

I recently added the qvhs domain and have started adding users. I added
qvhsphysics (different, domain, right?). I forgot that they all share
the same user directory space.

How badly will I screw things up if I republish materials under
qvhsphysics in the new domain?

Would it work if I effectively retire the old ohiouk12 use of the

The alternate route would be to create the user QVHSphysics, which is
probably the safest.

Thanks for any advice,

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