[LON-CAPA-admin] Using a program to print capa results

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
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I'm not sure I have the answer you're looking for, but here are a couple
of things to think about:

* Chart is the place where you can easily see who has done what. To tell
which students have done their work, you can run chart for a specific
section and ask it to tell you points per problem.

* I presume that you have the students in different sections according
to their lab section.

* I realize this doesn't get the 'printout all done for the TA so they
just have to pick it up', but you could give all of the graduate
students TA roles in the course. My understanding (we'd have to double
check) is that they can view records for their own students, but cannot
view information for other students. They also cannot change any course

   Under this scenario, a grad student would log in each week, select
the section, go to chart and print out student performance.

   This has the added benefit that the grad student could actually peek
in at their students a day or two before to see how they are doing. They
could send a collective nudge if they wanted.

Automating all of this is a little harder for LON-CAPA, but you could
also consider the following cycle:

* Course Coordinator goes into chart and creates an excel spreadsheet or
csv file for all of the students, including the information for their
section. This file is then run through a perl script to create separate
printouts for each section. The downside is that it requires some
intervention. Not a lot, but some each week.

Hope this helps,

On Thu, 2008-05-08 at 12:57 -0400, Bob Gonzales wrote:
> We are just converting over to loncapa after
> many successful years with capa.  One of the
> things that we did with capa was to have a 
> program grab the results from a capa set and
> send them to a printer.  Our TA's would then 
> pick up their printout and use the scores to
> decide whether or not to allow a student into 
> the lab.  This worked wonderfully for getting 
> students to prepare for the lab.
> How do I go about writing something to get
> the results from loncapa?
> Bob Gonzales
> Binghamton University
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