[LON-CAPA-admin] Multi-domain

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Fri Jun 20 14:43:00 EDT 2008

Hon Kie,

"unknown_cmd" is a strange response to be returned by lond on the  
user's homeserver, following conversion of loncapa10.fsu.edu from  
being a single domain machine to being a multiple domain machine which  
now supports both the fsu and fsuK12 domains.

That response is generated when a Dispatcher does not exist for the  
command included in the call, i.e., there is no subroutine registered  
for the command, or if a request triggered within lond to localenroll  
includes a requst for a non-existent subroutine in localenroll.   
Neither of these would seem to apply when attempting to authenticate a  

One thing I do notice is that the same machine is referred to by two  
different hostnames in hosts.tab

> fsuk12l1:fsuK12:library:k12-1.fsu.edu
> fsul1:fsu:library:loncapa10.fsu.edu

DNS tells me that both k12-1.fsu.edu and loncapa10.fsu.edu point to, i.e., k12-1.fsu.edu is an alias to loncapa10.fsu.edu.

Following the other examples I know of for multi-domain machines in  
the production cluster: capa4.phy.ohiou.edu and educog.com, it would  
seem that the hosts.tab should have:


Note: this does not preclude the use of an alias to set the  
appropriate default domain on the log-in page, K12 users can still be  
directed to k12-1.fsu.edu and fsu users to loncapa10.fsu.edu, but I  
don't see the need for LON-CAPA to internally store an alias in  
hosts.tab.  Assigning loncapa10.fsu.edu as the host in hosts.tab for  
the two hostIDs on the multi-domain machine make it easier to see that  
this is a multi-domain machine, and also would allow LON-CAPA  
connections, should a DNS change occur that causes k12-1.fsu.edu to no  
longer return

Stuart Raeburn

Quoting "H.K. Ng" <hkng at fsu.edu>:

> Hi,
> Yesterday, I re-configured the fsuK12 servers so that they are now part
> of the fsu domain. I followed the instructions as per e-mail on
> lon-capa-admin posted Jan 10 2005 by Guy. Since I am merging an
> existing library server (fsuk12l1) into another library server (fsul1),
> I copied all the files under
> /home/httpd/lonUsers/fsuK12 on the fsuK12 domain to the fsu domain. In
> addition, I also copied the published resources. However, now users
> cannot login via
> /adm/login
> though users can still login using the fsu cas system. The /adm/login
> login gives the following message:
> User xxxxx at fsu threw error unknown_cmd when checking authentication
> mechanism
> A similar message is displayed for the fsuK12 domain
> User xxxxx at fsuK12 threw error unknown_cmd when checking
> authentication mechanism
> Any idea how to fix this? Seems like I need to specify the
> authentication mechanism but isn't that specified by the passwd file
> for each user?
> I can browse the fsuK12 resources and loncontrol recognizes the fsuK12
> domain. The hosts.tab and domain.tab have the following lines:
> [www at loncapa10 lonTabs]$ more hosts.tab
> ^s10.lite.msu.edu
> ^dalton.chem.sfu.ca
> ^library1.lon-capa.uiuc.edu
> fsuk12l1:fsuK12:library:k12-1.fsu.edu
> fsul1:fsu:library:loncapa10.fsu.edu
> [www at loncapa10 lonTabs]$ more domain.tab
> # domain:Domain Name:auth mechanism:auth
> parameters:Language:City:Geo1:Geo2:main library
> fsuK12:Florida State University - K12:::en-US:Tallahassee,
> FL:-84.28:30.438:fsuk12l1
> fsu:Florida State University:::en-US:Tallahassee, FL:-84.28:30.438:fsul1
> Thanks,
> -hk
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