[LON-CAPA-admin] Map not loaded error and missing problems/sequence file

Eric Harvey/FS/VCU teharvey at vcu.edu
Fri Dec 5 12:20:47 EST 2008


Just added a new server to lon-capa at VCU and I'm wondering if that 
hasn't created a problem. 
I get this error while attempting to access a course on the new server or 
the library server.
The actual file doesn't exist when I look for it at the command line on 
the library server.

The following problems occurred:
Map not loaded: The file 
does not exist.

The instructor of the course writes:
"When using the copy and paste command on the indicated directory, the 
problems inside the directory seemed to no longer exist.
When I repeated the process this morning, the HW#14 directory successfully 
copied once and did not copy another time.
So, it is not simply a corrupted directory.  I used all three servers and 
there was no particular pattern."

Eric Harvey
VCU Learning Systems
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