[LON-CAPA-admin] Fedora 9, perl 5.10 and LON-CAPA 2.7.1

H.K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Wed Dec 3 09:39:49 EST 2008


Seems that Fedora 9 and perl 5.10 is causing some print problems 
also. A resource print fine under Fedora 8 but the same resource 
comes out blank under F9.


At 05:38 PM 12/1/2008, you wrote:
>Apparently Perl 5.10 is less forgiving than perl 5.8.8 and its predecessors.
>If you replace line 1436 in /home/httpd/lib/perl/Apache/lonplot.pm
>(rev 1.148) as follows:
>- if (($curves[-1]->{'data'}) && ($#data !=
>+ if (($curves[-1]->{'data'}) && ($#data != $#{$curves[-1]->{'data'}->[0]})){
>and reload httpd, the perl error you are seeing in your Apache error
>logs when trying to use a Data plot type problem will be eliminated.
>Sorry about that.
>Stuart Raeburn
>Quoting Michael Dugdale <michael.dugdale at johnabbott.qc.ca>:
>>I've been trying to get LON-CAPA up and running on some powermacs that
>>we have here.  I've been able to get a good Fedora 9 install up, and
>>the missing rpms built from the LON-CAPA sources.  The build goes
>>through okay, I'm able to create a domain-coordinator, log in and run
>>some test problems.
>>The issue I'm having, though, is with Data Plot problems (gnuplot using
>>data, rather than curves).  It seems that in loading the "y"-variables,
>>there's a problem with referencing the array.  The error message itself
>>is:  "ERROR: , Can't use string ("201") as an ARRAY ref while "strict
>>refs" in use at home/httpd/lib/perl//Apache/lonplot.pm line 1436."
>>I've been beating myself silly with this one for a while now.  I was
>>just wondering if anyone has LON-CAPA 2.7.1 on Fedora 9 with perl-5.10
>>running in a production environment.  I've been noticing that perl-5.10
>>can give errors like I'm seeing where perl-5.8.8 wouldn't.
>>If you do have it running, could you please let me know the version
>>numbers of the perl modules you've got loaded (it's possible there's a
>>more subtle version creep going on).  Below is the output of #yum list
>>installed | grep -i perl | sort.  I have a few extras since I needed to
>>build the rpms from source.  If you could point to any version
>>inconsistencies, or just send me output of the same command I would
>>appreciate it very much.
>>Many thanks,
>>Michael Dugdale
>>Department of Physics
>>John Abbott College
>>Output of yum list installed | grep -i perl | sort
>>perl-Algorithm-Diff.noarch               1.1902-6.fc9           installed
>>perl-Authen-Captcha.noarch               1.023-2.fc9            installed
>>perl-Authen-Krb4.ppc64                   1.1-1.0.fc9.lc         installed
>>perl-Authen-Krb5.ppc64                   1.8-1.0.fc9.lc         installed
>>perl-Authen-PAM.ppc64                    0.16-5.fc9             installed
>>perl-Bit-Vector.ppc64                    6.4-8.fc9              installed
>>perl-BSD-Resource.ppc64                  1.28-6.fc9             installed
>>perl-Cache-Memcached.noarch              1.24-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-Carp-Clan.noarch                    6.00-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-Class-Singleton.noarch              1.4-3.fc9              installed
>>perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib.ppc64             2.008-38.fc9           installed
>>perl-Compress-Zlib.ppc64                 2.008-38.fc9           installed
>>perl-Crypt-DES.ppc64                     2.05-7.fc9             installed
>>perl-Crypt-IDEA.ppc64                    1.08-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-Crypt-SSLeay.ppc64                  0.57-7.fc9             installed
>>perl-Date-Calc.ppc64                     5.4-6.fc9              installed
>>perl-Date-Manip.noarch                   5.48-3.fc9             installed
>>perl-DateTime.ppc64                      1:0.41-5.fc9           installed
>>perl-DBD-MySQL.ppc64                     4.005-8.fc9            installed
>>perl-DBI.ppc64                           1.607-1.fc9            installed
>>perl-devel.ppc64                         4:5.10.0-38.fc9        installed
>>perl-Error.noarch                        1:0.17012-2.fc9        installed
>>perl-Event.ppc64                         1.11-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-Expect.noarch                       1.21-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker.ppc64            6.36-38.fc9            installed
>>perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS.ppc64              1:2.18-38.fc9          installed
>>perl-File-MMagic.noarch                  1.27-5.fc9             installed
>>perl-GD-Barcode.noarch                   1.15-3.fc9             installed
>>perl-GDGraph3d.noarch                    0.63-9.fc9             installed
>>perl-GDGraph.noarch                      1:1.44-4.fc9           installed
>>perl-GD.ppc64                            2.35-7.fc9             installed
>>perl-GDTextUtil.noarch                   0.86-11.fc9            installed
>>perl-HTML-Parser_loncapa.ppc64           3.56-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-HTML-Tagset.noarch                  3.10-8.fc9             installed
>>perl-HTML-Tree.noarch                    1:3.23-4.fc9           installed
>>perl-Image-Base.noarch                   1.07-9.fc9             installed
>>perl-Image-Info.noarch                   1.28-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-Image-Size.noarch                   3.1-3.fc9              installed
>>perl-Image-Xbm.noarch                    1.08-8.fc9             installed
>>perl-Image-Xpm.noarch                    1.09-8.fc9             installed
>>perl-IO-Compress-Base.ppc64              2.008-38.fc9           installed
>>perl-IO-Compress-Zlib.ppc64              2.008-38.fc9           installed
>>perl-IO-Socket-SSL.noarch                1.12-4.fc9             installed
>>perl-IO-stringy.noarch                   2.110-8.fc9            installed
>>perl-IO-Tty.ppc64                        1.07-5.fc9             installed
>>perl-libs.ppc64                          4:5.10.0-38.fc9        installed
>>perl-libwww-perl.noarch                  5.816-1.fc9            installed
>>perl-MailTools.noarch                    2.03-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-Math-Cephes.ppc64                   0.45-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-Math-Random.ppc64                   0.70-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-MIME-Lite.noarch                    3.01-6.fc9             installed
>>perl-MIME-Types.noarch                   1.23-3.fc9             installed
>>perl-Module-Pluggable.ppc64              1:3.60-38.fc9          installed
>>perl-Net-PH.noarch                       2.21-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-Net-SSLeay.ppc64                    1.32-5.fc9             installed
>>perl-OLE-Storage_Lite.noarch             0.15-2.fc9             installed
>>perl-Params-Validate.ppc64               0.91-1.fc9             installed
>>perl-Parse-RecDescent.noarch             1.95.1-5.fc9           installed
>>perl-Pod-Escapes.ppc64                   1:1.04-38.fc9          installed
>>perl-Pod-POM.noarch                      0.17-9.fc9             installed
>>perl-Pod-Simple.ppc64                    1:3.07-38.fc9          installed
>>perl-PostScript-Simple.noarch            0.07-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl.ppc64                               4:5.10.0-38.fc9        installed
>>perl-RTF-HTMLConverter.ppc64             0.051-1.0.fc9.lc       installed
>>perl-Safe-Hole.ppc64                     0.10-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel.noarch       2.20-2.fc9             installed
>>perl-String-CRC32.ppc64                  1.4-6.fc9              installed
>>perl-String-Similarity.ppc64             1.03-1.0.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-suidperl.ppc64                      4:5.10.0-38.fc9        installed
>>perl-Test-Harness.ppc64                  2.64-38.fc9            installed
>>perl-Test-Simple.ppc64                   0.80-38.fc9            installed
>>perl-Text-Aspell.ppc64                   0.09-3.fc9             installed
>>perl-Text-Query.noarch                   0.07-1.1.fc9.lc        installed
>>perl-TimeDate.noarch                     1:1.16-8.fc9           installed
>>perl-URI.noarch                          1.35-8.fc9             installed
>>perl-version.ppc64                       3:0.74-38.fc9          installed
>>perl-XML-DOM.noarch                      1.44-4.fc9             installed
>>perl-XML-Parser.ppc64                    2.36-3.fc9             installed
>>perl-XML-RegExp.noarch                   0.03-4.fc9             installed
>>perl-XML-Simple.noarch                   2.18-3.fc9
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