[LON-CAPA-admin] high server load and automatic redirection

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Wed Apr 16 16:18:45 EDT 2008


You can configure the spare hosts in a file
called /home/httpd/lonTabs/spare.tab

You can simply list the loncapa server names you want as spares.
:primary can be placed after the spare in order to make it a primary

We actually use a system here where the DNS server points
loncapa.phy.ohiou.edu to three different servers (capa7,8,and 10). Each
of these has oua1, and older spare machine, as a spillover, and then a
list of outside machines.

You can list an nds access server as a spare as long as they're okay
with it.

I seem to remember that msu, colorado school of mines and ohio
university have all said it's fine to use their machines as a spillover


On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 20:47 +0200, Peter Riegler wrote:
> Hi,
> today why had a high CPU load on one of our servers (12 httpd processes 
> consuming all CPU) for more than an hour. At that time only two people 
> where logged in (doing authoring work). Being ignorant of how to analyze 
> the reasons I decided to restart httpd which turned out to be a suitable 
> remedy.
> During the period of high server load I was automatically redirected to 
> lc1.mines.edu while trying to log onto our server. So far I had the 
> impression that in such cases one would have to select an alternative 
> server by hand. Anyway, that's a nice feature (and thanks to the folks 
> at Boulder for their hospitality).
> However, I would have found it more appropriate if the automatic 
> redirection would have been towards a less distant server, such as nds, 
> which is a nearby domain. So my question is: Is it possible to configure 
> a priority list w.r.t. this automatic redirection?
> Peter

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