[LON-CAPA-admin] Migrating Data from Test to Production

Dale, Tanieth tanieth.dale at usask.ca
Thu May 31 15:20:44 EDT 2007

Thanks Guy, I'll give this a whirl, we only need the question files...


On 5/31/07 11:51 AM, "Guy Albertelli II" <guy at albertelli.com> wrote:

> Hi Tanieth,
>> We are in the process of preparing for the installation of our LON-CAPA
>> production server.
>> What would the best approach be to moving a local question bank from the
>> test server to production. What/where are the associated files?
> If you only want to preserve just the question files (and not any
> course data, or other items), then you'll find the original source of
> the problems in
> /home/<username>/public_html/
> Under there will be the .problem, and .problem.meta files you'll want
> to preserve, and also all other resources generated in authoring mode.
> If you want to preserve files that where uploaded to a course they be
> under
> /home/httpd/lonUsers/<domain>/1/2/3/<courseid>/userfiles
> (where 1 2 3 are the dirst, second, and third characters from the
> <courseid>)
> If you want to preserve all data currently on the machine. Then just
> tar up the entirety of /home/

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