[LON-CAPA-admin] cleaning up Course Catalog?

Stuart Peter Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Sat Dec 15 14:40:20 EST 2007


Is it the case that there has been no activity in these two courses since 
shortly after you changed the course code/course owner? 

As it is now many weeks after you made the change, there are two ways to 
cause the records for the courses in the nohist_courseids.db database file 
(used to dynamically build the course catalog) to be updated to the current 

1. As DC use "Select course" from the roles screen to access each of the 
courses.  This should cause the records stored for the two files to be 
updated with the current (correct) course code and owner (the values from 
the course's environment.db file), when the course logs are next flushed. 


2. As DC uses MCRS to temporarily change the course code and owner to 
different values, and then change them back to the values you want them to 
have.  This will cause the records for the courses in the 
nohist_courseids.db database file to be updated to the correct information.  
As these courses have apparently been inactive for a while, the possibility 
that your second update will be overwritten with outdated information from 
an existing session when courselogs are flushed should not exist (see 
discussion below). 

The most likely reason why the course catalog is not displaying your past 
change in course code is that for the two courses in question, although the 
updated course code/course owner information you entered via MCRS was stored 
immediately in nohist_courseids.db, when you made the change, it was 
overwritten, soon after, with outdated information when course logs were 
flushed from a different Apache child. 

This bug (5191) has been fixed by decoupling the storage of course data 
(description, institutional code, owner, type) in nohist_courseids.db from 
the storage of last course access time, which happens when course logs are 
flushed (this occurs periodically when the log for a particular course has 
reached a certain size, or when the Apache child process is terminated). 

The fixes are in the latest testing release -, and will be a part 
of the next production release (2.6). 

Stuart Raeburn

Ray Batchelor writes: 

> OK... I'm still not clear on this.  I have a couple of instances where
> defunct courses are displayed, even though when I use MCRS it shows
> that there is no course code and even that the owner has changed from
> what is still being displayed in the the "Course Catalog" (after many
> weeks). 
> On Aug 17, 2007 10:27 AM, Guy Albertelli II <guy at albertelli.com> wrote:
>> Hi Ray, 
>> > Can someone remind me of how to completely clean out defunct courses
>> > which appear on the Course Catalog and also in the search results for
>> > instituitional course code etc...?
>> >
>> > Despite having used MCRS to remove any institutional course code,
>> > certain wasted courses still appear. 
>> Currently this is the only method. 
>> There can be a delay between the code is deleted and the update
>> occurs. 
>> Might not be hard to get the delay reduced. 
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