H. K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Thu Dec 6 14:07:16 EST 2007

Hi Guy,

On pre-, there is a "Manage access times" on the grading 
page. I can't seem to find it on Has the name changed and 
also moved to a different location?


> > Out of curiosity, does anyone have a machine on the production cluster
> > running
>Yep. I'll send you the info.
> > I'm putting together some user documentation for
> > winter, I'd like to see some of the changes, but my development machine
> > is not up to snuff right now.
> >
> > What's the risk of data corruption if one were to run on an out
> > "of the way" access server?
>I'm fairly certain of the quality of the release but the worry is
>the possibility of storing bad data back to a class/student record
>that would need fixing.
>But from what I can tell things look clean with this release with
>regards to that. (Hon-Kie did find a few bugs that I'll et patched on
>the server.)
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