[LON-CAPA-admin] set end date for course coordinator

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Fri Oct 20 13:48:27 EDT 2006

Hi Guy,

> >> How do I set a role end date for a course coordinator:
> >> 1. In the batch xml course create file?
> >
> > with an <end>
> If I want the course owner to expire, so he wouldn't see this course 
> next year, do I need to add him also as a <user>, or do I need to put 
> the <end> inside the owner tag?

Course owner isn't a role (and thus being a owner doesn't cause
anythign to apepear in the roles screen), but it looks to me like a
course owner automatically also gets a CC role assigned with no start
or end dates.

Taking a look at batchcoursecreate's code, I'm pretty sure that if you
list the user in the xml as both the course owner and also separately
as a CC with an end date the user will get assigned ownership of the
course, and a CC roles with an expire date set.
(Since the <user> processing is done after the <owner> processing, the
<user> settings should overwrite the <owner> defaults)

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