[LON-CAPA-admin] auto enrollment timed out

Stuart Peter Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Thu Nov 16 16:20:25 EST 2006


Does this timeout occur when auto-enrollment is run from the nightly crontab 
entry (i.e., when Autoenroll.pl runs) or when a roster is updated via the 
web interface using ENRL -> Automated Enrollment Manager -> "Update Roster 

There is a $maxtries variable in fetch_enrollment_query() in 


The defaults are set to 1 (for web-triggered classlist retrievals) and 10 
for Autoenroll.pl -triggered classlist retrieval.  These translate to wait 
times of 200 s and 2000 s respectively before timeout in the two cases. 

In both cases fetch_enrollment_query() retrieves institutional classlists 
for the course by sending a querysend request to lond on the homeserver to 
get a queryid, and then calling &get_query_reply($queryid) which then loops 
100 times (with a 2s sleep each time) checking for 
/home/httpd/perl/tmp/$queryid before timeout.  $maxtries determines how many 
times &get_query_reply($queryid) is called before really timing out. 

If this timeout or some other error occurs when retrieving the classlist 
data you should see a entry in lonnet.log beginning: "fetch_enrollment_query 
error"  as a result of the following logging transaction: 

&logthis('fetch_enrollment_query error: '.$reply.' for '.$dom.' 
'.$env{'user.name'}.' for '.$queryid.' context: '.$context.' '.$cnum.' 
maxtries: '.$maxtries.' tries: '.$tries); 


Stuart Raeburn






H. K. Ng writes: 

> I have a course with about 1000 students and the auto enrollment timed out 
> before all the students can be downloaded. Is there a way to increase the 
> time so that it doesn't time out? (At least that is what I think is 
> happening.) Thanks, -hk 
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