[LON-CAPA-admin] Error - Request forbidden

Mike Stanger mstanger at sfu.ca
Sat Mar 25 11:59:59 EST 2006

I've dealt with similar issues with spyware on various web apps (ie. 
not just LON-CAPA, but a number of different ones including WebCT - 
usually pages with some Javascript that matches "something" that a 
spyware/etc. package is looking for)  -- The question I'd ask the 
student at this point is what the URL is where she sees the "error- 
request forbidden" message - my bet is that it's not your LON-CAPA 
box or even in your domain -- probably some search engine or 
advertising link -- and it's probably been taken down because of 
complaints, hence the request forbidden error...

"PerfectNav" is the name of one of the perpetrators but there are 
lots of others...   we put up a page on one of our troubleshooting 
pages for students that has some information on the general problem...



At 10:22 AM -0500 3/25/06, lucasm at ohiou.edu wrote:
>I've got a student having problems with login from home. My guess is 
>that she has mucked up her browser with spyware, but I was wondering 
>if anyone else has seen this? She never gets a chance to log in - an 
>error page comes up.
>"I tried all the addresses you gave me and with the capa7 and capa8 
>addresses, a page that said
>"The LearningOnline Network with CAPA
>appeared for a max. of 4 seconds and then went to an error screen 
>that said "Error -  Request forbidden". This also happened when I 
>tried using the numerical address. When I used the capa10 address, I 
>immediately received the "Error -  Request forbidden" message.
>Is this a familiar syndrome to anyone? Is there an immediate or likely cause?
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