[LON-CAPA-admin] authentification method for authors

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Mon Jun 26 05:41:15 EDT 2006


who can help with the authentification methods within LON-CAPA?

LON-CAPA says:
"As a general rule, only authors or co-authors should be filesystem
authenticated (which allows access to the server filesystem)."

Creating a new user who should become an author with file system
authentification brings an error message:

---- start ----
Creating user "xxxxx" in domain "fhwf"
Generating user: error: lcuseradd_failed:lcuseradd Unable to set password
Home server: no_host
Modifying Roles
Assigning au in /fhwf/, starting Mon Jun 26 11:04:56 2006: no_such_host

Create/Modify Another User
---- end ----

Internally authenticated is no problem.

We are using SLES9 with the latest LON-CAPA version.

An author, who is internally authenticated, can also create, rename, ...
directories. Actually, I see no need for file system authentification so
far. Which kind of access to the server filesystem is ment (and for
which reason)?

And how can a domain coordinator see which authentification method a
user has?



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