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Carmine C. Balascio carmine at udel.edu
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    Average enrollment has probably been about 20
  students per semester the past couple years.  BTW, I
  got Phill Conrad set up with a course for him to try
  out this semester. 


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    >________________ >Today's Topics: > > 1. T'is the
    season ... for LON-CAPA statistics (Gerd
    Kortemeyer) >________________ >Date: Sat, 4 Feb
    2006 11:12:55 -0500 >From: Gerd Kortemeyer
    <korte at lite.msu.edu> >Subject: [LON-CAPA-admin]
    T'is the season ... for LON-CAPA statistics >To:
    lon-capa-admin at mail.lon-capa.org > >Hi, >
    >Reporting time is ante portas, and besides, I am
    curious. I re-did >the page of institutions with
    LON-CAPA domains in the main production >cluster,
    > > http://www.lon-capa.org/institutions.html >
    >and introduced alphabetic sorting (what a
    concept!). Anyway, I did >that by hand using
    cut-and-paste, so I accidently might have dropped
    >somebody ... please don't be offended, clerical
    error, just drop me a >line. > >What I need is the
    average number of student course enrollments at a
    >time in your institutions using LON-CAPA.
    "Student course enrollment" >means that if the
    same student is in two courses, he or she is
    >counted twice. See
    http://www.lon-capa.org/usage.html for the MSU
    >stats - we have 11478 unique users, but 16194
    student course >enrollments. > >*** Please send me
    that number - just a good solid estimate. Also, if
    >LON-CAPA has a "homepage" at your institutions
    besides the login >page, sending me the URL would
    be great. *** > >BTW, given our current growth
    rate, we are re-thinking the way that >domain
    designs and logos are handled, the current way is
    not scalable >enough. > >And don't forget to
    register for our conference, > >
    http://loncapa.msu.edu/events/conf2006/ > >- Gerd.
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