[LON-CAPA-admin] messed up student db file?

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Aug 3 14:15:19 EDT 2006


> Hi there -- This student has green boxes when I look at the coordinator 
> view of her problem, but there is no record in chart or in the students 
> record  for any of the problems-- the link in chart sees that she 
> answered the question right.
> There is one 0 in the chart, but she got that problem right too.
> I see this on the access servers and the library server so it is not the 
> communication between the servers.
> Her User Role Screen says no role specified.

For those of you who are curious the resolution was
- the .db file had all of the data (so when looking for specific
   information it was all there)
- the index of the .db had gotten corrupted somehow (so when asking
  the db 'give me everything' it would give back an odd subset of the

I used the utility script 'rebuild_db_from_hist.pl' to successfully
rebuild the .db file from the .hist file that we also generate (just
for this kind of eventuality).

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