[LON-CAPA-admin] LON-CAPA & Placement testing

Jeffrey S Nugent/FS/VCU jsnugent at vcu.edu
Thu Apr 13 10:03:39 EDT 2006


We are planning to use LON-CAPA to do some placement testing in 
mathematics for incoming students. My question is in regard to processing 
course statistics and charts for large numbers of students and the 
potential this may have for increased load on the server and possible 
performance issues. We are running two servers (1 library / 1 access).

There will be approximately 1500-2000 students who eventually take the 
placement test (essentially this number of students is enrolled in a 
single L-C course). I'm wondering about what the conventional wisdom is 
out there for running stat reports to obtain grades for 1500+ students at 
once? We've never run this number of students before and are curious about 
processing time to generate reports...any thoughts? Also, what impact 
might the frequent running of these report have on performance?

Insights, feedback and suggestions most appreciated. 

Best regards,


Jeffrey S. Nugent
Center for Teaching Excellence
Virginia Commonwealth University
Ph (804) 827-0563, Fax (804) 827-0837
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