[LON-CAPA-admin] problem with exam upload in DOCS

Nathan Schoenack nathan.schoenack at ndsu.edu
Thu Sep 22 12:15:51 EDT 2005

I see that no one was too eager to jump on this one.  Good news.  It  
was fixed overnight by some magic or other unexplainable phenomenon.   
Call off the dogs.


On Sep 21, 2005, at 4:11 PM, Nathan Schoenack wrote:

> Hello,
> I've got a very strange problem.  I imported a published document  
> (an exam upload problem) into DOCS in the Main Course Documents  
> area.  I uploaded the scores without any problems.  Then the  
> professor for which I was doing this found 3 errors in the key he  
> used to correct the problem.  So, I figured what I'd do was to make  
> a new problem (exam upload type again), and then upload the  
> corrected scores to this problem.
> However, when I remove the problem from DOCS (or hide it) and  
> import the new problem it won't show up in the NAV menu--all I see  
> is the old problem (even after deleting the folder and problem).   
> But it is definitely visible if I go through the DOCS menu.  While  
> in DOCS if I click on the new problem I get a message:
> LON-CAPA Access Control
> Access  : Browse resources
> Resource: /res/ndsu/physics/ExamUpload/ 
> Exam1_Scores_PHYS211_corrected.problem
> Action  : Invalid Access
> What's really irritating/confusing me is that if I log in as a  
> student I can see the new problem in my NAV menu, but when I click  
> on it I get the same error message as shown above.
> I've tried:
> 1. Re-initializing the course after every time I delete the problem  
> and if I import the new one
> 2. A different browser (same behavior with Firefox or Safari)
> 3. Re-publishing the problem.
> I feel I should mention that, for this new problem I wrote to  
> upload the corrected test scores, I just copied and pasted the XML  
> code...but the problem has a different name  
> (Exam1_Scores_PHYS211.problem vs.  
> Exam1_Scores_PHYS211_corrected.problem).  I also should mention  
> that if I click on the old problem I don't get a PGRD button in my  
> remote.
> I'm thoroughly confused and would greatly appreciate any help.   
> It's driving me nuts.
> Nathan Schoenack
> IT Research Support Specialist
> NDSU Physics
> (701) 231-7047
> nathan.schoenack at ndsu.edu
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Nathan Schoenack
IT Research Support Specialist
NDSU Physics
(701) 231-7047
nathan.schoenack at ndsu.edu

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