[LON-CAPA-admin] Help with language support

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Sep 8 14:27:05 EDT 2005

Hi Rosa,

> I have installed LON CAPA and I am now testing it. The Spanish language 
> appears in the list of languages in the select language on preferences 
> window, but when I choose Spanish it shows the text in Portuguese. 
> I wold like to know what files do I have to change to see them in Spanish. I 
> mean what do I need to translate.


is the file in control of this.

If you make any changes pleases send me the file and I can commit to
CVS for the next release.

You will need to restart the webserver between changes to this file.

Also I beleive that file is currently a subset of possible messages
that need translating. Once you make it through that one I can
generate a more complete file.

You can also trnslate the help files by taking a file from

(for example Change_Colors.tex)

May a copy of it in


and translate that file. Then the translated file should appear when
clicking on the blu question marks. (The Change colors one appears in
the PREF screen, right beside the 'Change Color Scheme')

> I want to change the image in the header 
> of the pages, and I do not what to do.

Are you referring the one on the left or the right side?

The left one is not easy to change, but the right image can be
controlled by creating an image in 


With the name of your domain as the file name.

guy at albertelli.com   0-7-2-1-27,137

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