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Rodrigo Santana rodrigolsantana at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 12:02:56 EDT 2005

I followed step the step how to install  Lon-Capa, in Fedora 4 but when it
arrived in this part the  

the following information arrived... 


Configuring LON-CAPA To configure and install LON-CAPA, execute the
following commands: 

cd /root/loncapa-N.N     (N.N should correspond to a version number like


You will need to enter the LON-CAPA configuration information you determined
in the previous section. 


When I arrive in the part of the installation where speaks:  


He informs that the File or Directory was not found  


What should make for that to solve?  


Thankful for the attention,


Rodrigo L. Santana  

Campinas - Brasil



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