[LON-CAPA-admin] new randomizations for re-opened sets

Peter Kovac kovac at gwu.edu
Sat Oct 15 18:05:58 EDT 2005

	Greetings.  I have a number of requests from faculty new to
LON-CAPA who would like to re-open sets for students with one excuse or
another.  However, the answers have been displayed and we worry somewhat
that a conniving student or two might copy answers.  Am I right in
assuming that a re-opened problem set does *not* produce a new
randomization?  The plan right now is to create a duplicate set and open
it near the end of the semester for students with legitimate complaints.
Would it be worth submitting a feature request for a re-randomize PARM
flag?  I.e., is anyone else interested and is it a reasonably easy code
change?  I swear I'm going to go through the L-C CVS one of these days and
start doing some of this myself, really...  ;-)


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