[LON-CAPA-admin] missing execvp

Guy Ashkenazi guy at fh.huji.ac.il
Mon Nov 28 14:40:18 EST 2005

> Over the weekend /usr/sbin/httpd changed on Sunday morning, and went 
> missing
> early this morning on one of our FC3 access servers, as well. 
> Coincidence,
> or psychic phenomenon?

Neither. I spoke with Guy Albertelli who told me mine is the third 
server he knows has done this after a major yum update, which was done 
last week on my library server. The file probably disappeared then, 
but only today when I rebooted my machine did I notice it (and boy did 
I notice it...).

I followed Stuart's detailed instructions carefully and everything is 
back to normal. Even the missing default.sequence on the access server 
is no longer missing :)


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